Pet Dental Health Month

February is Pet Dental Health Month.  Our blog will be focusing on your pets dental health issues over the next few months.   The posts will discuss some of the dental diseases and problems that frequently occur in our dogs and cats along with recommendations for home care.   You can play a major role in your pets dental health and thus minimize how often they need to have their teeth cleaned and thus also minimize the amount of extractions they need over their lifespan.   All of this will help you save money and your pet keep their teeth!  Only you can help prevent periodontal disease in your pet!

We will also be having a Dental Health Month special on our COHATS (Comprehensive Oral Health Assessment and Treatment) during this month.   Due to the extremely high demand we experienced last year for this service during February we will be extending the promotion into January and March but in order to get this special all cleanings must be booked by the end of February.   Anyone making an appointment on or after March 1st will not receive this special so book now to guarantee your spot!

We change our dental month special every year.  This years dental month special will include
our typical COHAT, as always, but will also include a free Fluoride Treatment too!   We have also worked closely with our lab to be able to offer you $35 off a blood panel to check your pets liver and kidney function along with their white cell, red cell, and platelet counts to ensure they are a good candidate for anesthesia to have their teeth taken care of.   If the blood panel is done at least two days prior (up to 2 months before) to the scheduled COHAT then it will also include a thyroid test (T4) and urinalysis (if we are able to get a urine sample at the appointment) at no extra charge!

We will also include a free sample of Science Diets new food Healthy Advantage that has many benefits over regular dog food but one that particularly pertains to dental health month….it helps clean your pets teeth while they eat – unlike most dry food (it is a common myth that most dry food cleans the teeth when they really don’t)!  This food is not meant to replace daily home care but is supplemental to daily home care (think of it as flossing).  Learn more about this food and it’s other benefits or call us with questions about it!

We will also be discounting our microchips by $15 if your pet has a microchip implanted during his/her COHAT!