Let Your Pet Say “Cheese!”

February is Pet Dental Health month so we are going to start our dental education this month.  We will have many upcoming blogs about dental disease and how to prevent it in your pets.

In the mean time, if your pet doesn’t already have a clean and healthy mouth, then please do the following:

  1. Go to the nearest phone
  2. Dial 303-840-6300
  3. Ask to speak to the receptionist
  4. Tell them it has been over a year since your pet was in our office for a dental exam and cleaning
  5. Tell them the time and day that is best for you
  6. Hang up the phone
  7. Go to your pet and look them in the face
  8. Lift their lip up so they are smiling
  9. Say “Who has their teeth and wants to keep them all?”

See you soon!

The staff at Advanced Pet Care of Parker