Biannual Exams


Our household pets age 7 years faster than humans (approximately 7 years for every 1 year we age). Therefore, changes in your pets health can happen extremely fast resulting in serious conditions occurring very rapidly.  In order to prevent and detect conditions early we feel examining twice a year is necessary. The earlier we can detect problems, the more we can do to minimize the effects of those problems. Many of these diseases can worsen within weeks if left undiagnosed and they can only be diagnosed with examinations by your veterinarian.

Twice yearly exams will allow your veterinarian to diagnose, treat, and ideally prevent health problems before they become life-threatening.  Therefore allowing your pet to live longer, healthier, and happier lives.

They also provide an opportunity for you and the veterinarian to discuss nutrition, behavior and other health issues.

In addition to the extending the quantity and quality of your pets life , the monetary cost of prevention is much less than the cost of treating conditions once they occur.

Age comparison for dogs and humans



3 months

5 years

6 months

10 years

1 year

15 years

2 year

24 years

4 years

32 years

8 years

48 years

10 years

56 years

15 years

76 years

20 years

98 years

Cats age very similarly to dogs but during their first 10 years of age they ‘age’ faster than dogs but then after 10 years of age they slow down in comparison.